Friday, June 4, 2010


Summer is always a pretty fun time for us! Taylor and I both have birthdays, we spend hours at the pool, go to water parks, and this year we plan on camping!

Taylor's birthday was May 27th, just one month before mine! He turn 22 years old! We missed each others 21st birthday so it feels like we both skipped a year. I can't believe we are 22. It sounds so old. 20 was nothing, 21 was fun, and 22? Old!

There is STILL no word on where the Air Force is moving us. I'm beyond the point of really caring anymore. It's so frustrating to have no idea where you will me spending your Christmas. Right now it's looking like over seas isn't in the cards for us. For state side we put down California, Utah, Colorado, North Carolina, Savannah Georgia, Flordia, and I think Biloxi, Mississippi. I would prefer the souther states but I'm one of the others would be fun!

Tanner has his 6 month check up this month. He gets measured, we talk with his doctor about how he has been doing, then we have to take him to have his blood drawn. Ugh! It's like a million times worse than getting shots. Every year it gets harder to hold him town. He is so strong and he talks! There I am holding him down while he is screaming for me. Then we have to wait weeks for the results to come back!

Well enough complaining for now. Lets get on to the pictures!

 Toy Story! The new favorite thing in our lives! We have both movies and plan to see the third! Tanner has the actual sized Woody and Buzz from the movie. We reenact scenes from the movies. Tanner's alter ego is Buzz Lightyear. This is my favorite of Tanner's favorites! I loved Toy Story when I was younger! I ALWAYS wanted my own Woody Doll and never got one so for Tanner to have one means the world to me! 
Tanner amazes us on a daily basis. His imagination is admirable. He is 3 years old and can turn any object into a toy. I love him for that and I wish I had the imagination he does!

Sydney & Dexter
Dexter is as amazing as he has always been and Syd well, he is just fat. He is crazy for food. I have to fight him off of Dexter's food. He is crazy hyper and bites at your hands bc he thinks there is food in them! Can't wait for him to stop being a puppy! BUT he is incredible cute!

Sydney is almost 4 months old!

This is Sydney, Lady, and Dexter. Lady is our friends dinosaur like border collie!
We took them to the baseball field for some play time together!

and my beautiful baby Dexter, 10 months!

For Taylor's Birthday I got him a tattoo! The tattoo is from the movie The Fountain. Not too many people have scene the movie but it is Taylor's favorite!

Most of my favorite moments happen in our bed on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon! We build tents, watch movies, reenact scenes from movies, fly, become zombies, and give kisses.

These are from the zoo a few weeks back but forgot to share them on my last blog post! This is Tanner's friend Heidi, Tanner, Alyssa, and baby Derrick

before his hair cut
after his hair cut

This was Tanner's last day of school. Notice the Woody doll in his hand?

Every wonder what Tanner would look like with make up on?
One afternoon Tanner was really quite upstairs. That normally means he is reading a book or doing a puzzle or he even fell asleep. Well on this day it was something totally different! He came down stairs and I about died! He gave himself a unibrow with eyeshadow! I didn't wash it off right away so we just kept laughing!

I am soo very excited about my birthday! I have a great evening planned with my girls! First we are going to get tattoos! Well at least I am! Then we are going to Benihana's for sushi and drinks, then waiting in line to see the movie Eclipse at midnight! Sooooo excited!

Bench Monday Photos

 It was one heck of a bench monday morning. The rain inspired me to get outside in our rain boots for this day's bench monday picture. So we headed over to the bright red stairs. The plan was to stand on the stairs but as we were getting ready for the picture a swarm of yellow jackets flew out and stung Tanner. After getting him calmed down and being positive that he wasn't allergic we decided to keep our distance.

Well, I do believe that is all I have for today!
Have a nice day!

We will be in Georgia in August!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Littlest Heroes Project - Tanner's photo shoot

Here are the pictures from Tanner's Littlest Heroes Session. We met with a photographer in Austin. It was so nice there, I really wish we were stationed there!


These are not Haley Hickman Photography's photos